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Mobile hub of health.

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Learning History with fun.

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Care taking made simple.

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Managing meds easily.

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An unique music app.

An unique music platform.

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You can count on me!

I truly believe in hard work rather then finding easy solutions. Basically cause I own everything I am to labor. I come from a place with low education level and my parents were examples of providers of great education for our family. I’m the kind of worker and fighter that everybody wants to have on its team.

Your best remote worker!

I’ve been working remotely for 4 years. I respect schedules and agreements to make it worth both for me and for who is hiring me. I can be online most of the time for calls and take the approach of working connected as basis for my work, sharing all I can. And, of course, If we’re not that far we can always meet.

Dai, dai, Goooooool!

I love football, Calcio in Italia. Love to watch it, study old games, and of course playing it. In Milano I’ve been playing at least once I week — and it’s always a pleasure to meet and team with new fellows.

Designing with Type!

Design is about 90% mastering Typography for me. I try to learn a lot everyday and get to know more of this beautiful topic. Since Paul Renner’s Futura seems to be everywhere in Italia I can say that it’s one of my favorite typefaces — what a great piece of work.

Tools are just tools!

I’ve been designing in Photoshop since 2003. And as I’m not a thankless guy I’ll never say anything against such a good friend. However, since 2016 I design basically with Skecth and Adobe XD - because I really miss working with Adobe sometimes :P

An old man by the dance floor!

I have musical ears of an older guy, I know it. And it’s being like that since I was born. Just love to work listening Jazz (Countie Basie, for instance), Rock (Stones and David Bowie) and ease-going eternal hits (like Bob Dylan and Simon and Garfunkel).

No images by e-mail!

I believe prototypes are the new JPG. In general I use Marvel and Invision app but can learn and use any other tool in a short period of time. It doesn’t matter the product I’m gonna deliver you, believe me, you’ll have a prototype on an early stage.

"Be exact. When luck comes you shall be ready!"

I’m consuming less literature than I’d like during my Masters’ period — technical readings take most of my time. But as a fan of the best stories I can state one of my favorites here: “The old man and the sea” by Ernest Hemingway.

Olá! ¿Como estás? I wish you una buona giornatta!

As a Brazilian I’m a Portuguese born speaker but I can understand Spanish regularly, cause is quite similar. I both write and speak English naturally and I’m learning Italiano. I’m already ok listening ma parlo così così.

Living abroad!

In 2016 I had the pleasure to achieve an international contest and receive a scholarship to study Masters in Visual Design. Later then I moved from Sao Paulo to Milano and I’m absolutely satisfied to live on this great country — place of birth of my great grandparent before moving with his family to Brazil.

Some coding under control!

I do not code but can handle HTML/CSS/JS using Webflow. WF is such a powerful online tool and it’s present daily on my work. I designed and developed this site by myself, for instance.

Cooking, eating and drinking!

Cooking is also a relaxing activity that I like pretty much. And Eating afterwards is even better. I’m fan of cheese, whatever kind it is. Also love wine and craft beers, as they’re really connected to Cooking and Eating for me.

I 💛 pets!

Back in Brazil I have two beloved pets - a dog and a cat. The border collie is called Mangarosa and the cat Mingau. They’re being fostered by my family there but we really miss them here. Sometimes me and my wife just seat in the park and watch over pets playing just imaging we’re in connection with our sweet animals.

A hybrid of two Worlds!

Like almost all Americans (from North to South) I’m the product of this sauce of cultures that was once called the New World. Half of my family comes directly from Italia, and the other half is an association of portuguese farmers and slaves (Africans and Native Americans).

Yeah, History, bitch!

History was my favorite class on school. I’ve always been the kind of guy that researches names of streets and buildings to understand about the past of places I live and travel. My new passion is called History of Visual Communications — my class that covers communication from Industrial Revolution until now.

I'm learning something right now!

My idea about being a better person is to improve a little everyday. Therefore today’s Henrique is surely better than the one before. And to keep improving I need to learn! By now I’m learning a lot on my Master classes, studying online articles, listening to podcasts, having courses and discussing on forums.